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Dengue fever in Raro?! How did I manage to get so lucky?! stay away from Fijians and backpackers! they're the ones carrying it...because that matters...totally transmisable from one person to another...seriously...don't laugh

Now if only I can manage to get dengue fever, that'd be sweetas.

List of words/phrases I never want to pick up:
"Heaps" as in "We drank heaps last night"
"Shout/Shouting" as in "You're going to shout the beer?!"
"Far out" as in..."Far out."
"Sweetas" as in..."You're shouting the beer?! Sweetas!" Not to be confused with "Sweetass" which doesn't really exist, but it sounds the same.
"True" after every statement made; similar to the Canadian's version of "Eh?"

Tom Robbins and Danny Wallace=my new loves, oh cha-ching.

And I'm not sure how it happens, but when I call someone (and the person doesn't answer the phone), I really don't expect said person to show up at my door later in the evening to ask if I called. Wouldn't logic dictate that...you know, call back? *motorbike pulls up with said person* "Hey, did you call me earlier?" "Uh...yeah, I wanted to know if you had found my earring at your house..?" "Hahaha, oh yeah!" "..."

Listening to Pink Floyd makes me want to do irrational things. Crazy.

And conversations with the Bunny are rather enjoyable even if he informs me he won't be spending two months with me at the end of the year...and then I ask when he starts he next year...it's kind of like me thinking that the petrol man was wrong to give me back fifty cents in change after I gave him ten dollars for a 9.50 bill. Seriously, I only needed ten cents back.

i think my intelligence has gone done a bit....just a bit.
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